Fast Food Majors Re-position Brands

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While there will always be a market for cheap, fried fast food, it is interesting to observe that both McDonald’s and KFC are developing new concepts in a bid to align with consumers and increase market share.  Creating brands in the casual dining arena allows access to a broader consumer base and the ability to trade across a range of day parts with a higher spend per customer.

The recent success and expansion of brands including Grill’d, Guzmen y Gomez, Mad Mex and Schnitz and the increased consumer demand for healthier, freshly made food is likely to have influenced these directions in Australia.

There have been numerous comments on KFC’s proposed introduction of beer and cider on their menu at a store destined for Sydney’s Parramatta and McDonald’s new healthy concept cafe “The Corner” in Camperdown.

KFC – Proposed at Church Street, Parramatta

Currently waiting on licensing permits and social ramifications of aligning alcohol with what has been perceived as a ‘family and kids’ brand in Australia, KFC expands its offer to capture the more lucrative slice of the market.  Researching their stores overseas highlights that it’s not just about adding alcohol to the menu.  It appears that the stores have a different look and feel, although an off shoot brand with a different name could be a more palatable option

beer and kfc

KFC sells a selection of beer in Canada


McDonald’s – The Corner Cafe – Camperdown

Will this format replace the bland McCafe model? Strategically located across from the Royal Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, an American style healthier food cafe has been launched.  The rebranding and store fit out meets the appeal of todays young and hip cafe crowd with the inclusion of sustainable style packaging, design your own salads, wraps and rolls, grab and go items with coffee in a relaxed environment.

The Corner Cafe by McDonald's - Healthy salad

The Corner Cafe by McDonald’s – Healthy salad

The next question is – will McDonald’s move to introducing alcohol as they have in Paris and Germany?

mcdonalds paris beer

McDonald’s Paris


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