Retail Re-branding – A Cultural Shift & Strategy

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Rebranding is not merely about changing a logo and signage.  It is a cultural shift based on consumer and product research careful analysis and strategic insight at all stages of the process. This strategic, analytical and disciplined approach continues as part of the ongoing evolution, delivering on brand promise across all consumer touch points.

The transformation of the brand strategy can vary depending on the key elements identified in the evaluation phase. A firm positioning strategy can include:

  1. Expanding into new markets – broaden consumer base, inject new product lines.
  2. Align and update the image and values with current and emerging markets.
  3. Connect with consumers – a new customer service and loyalty strategy
  4. Create a new culture – energetic & inspiring
  5. Remain competitive and profitable

The re-branding strategy must be easily transformed into the brand experience. It requires authenticity, consistency, attention to detail and engagement across the retail team.


Beaches – (Coastal Apparel Stores)

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(Design by David Byerlee – Photography by Blow Ink)

The stakes are high when undertaking a rebranding exercise in retail.  The process can be costly, disruptive to trade and confusing to customers.  Maintaining  customer appeal, loyalty, and credibility is at risk. With the help of social media, strategic marketing and a timeline and checklist it can be achieved without too much grief. Engaging the right design team and communicating a full brief is crucial in representing the brands values, product range and aligning with the consumer demographic.

A small chain of surfwear stores has successfully undertaken the task, refreshing and injecting energy into what was once a franchise brand.

Beaches has 2 store locations in South Australia at coastal shopping centres, servicing the die hard surf and beach culture and the urban population in this expanding residential zone.

The Beaches brand identity reflects the coastal culture and resonates in a youthful and approachable way to all ages, male, female, families and kids. Supported by a professional store fit out and innovative visual merchandising the company has drawn on its management and staff ‘s creativity as well as utilising the surfwear labels to fit out and visually merchandise designated areas of the store.  This specific collaboration between suppliers and store operators also assists to simplify the reordering process providing efficiencies for store managers and buyers.

IMG_6896IMG_6919Unknown-5Unknown copy

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